Outlaw Comedy Crooner


Tim has spent the past two decades touring dive bars and comedy clubs with his in-your-face, hard-core, unadulterated truths about what goes on between a woman and a man. He is America’s number one choice in dysfunctional family entertainment. With his humorous hymns and smooth classic country voice, he does not discriminate in calling both men and women out on their bullshit in relationships. Who hasn’t seen their ex with someone new and wanted to ask them “Tell Me How I Taste” or known the woes of rejection from an unreciprocated blow job? What guy hasn’t said “Tonight We’re Gonna 69” (always a crowd favorite)? Tim Six Nine ain't no alter ego, but a raunchy mix of Tim’s six to nine personalities, all of which talk dirty. Tim has spent most of his career touring, performing and writing, but wasn’t able to settle down and do some recording until 2016, when he moved back to Nashville. His first album, “Titillator,” was recently certified “Styrofoam” by the RIAA.

With his 3rd and final wife Karla, Tim continues to write dick jokes in ¾ time, but with maybe a dash less misogyny. Together they have written audience favorites like, “Netflix and Chill,” “My Penis Ain’t No Genius,” and You Been At The Walmart Too Long.” As Tim says, “When you live in Nashville, you don’t have to go to the world. The world comes here to see you.” Now mainly a stay-at-home comedian, Tim can be found performing around Music City at songwriter rounds and private parties, playing both classic country covers and originals, as well as at his ”Dirty Comedy Concerts”.

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